Photographer Deana Kay



Set & Costume Designer

William Shakespeare   

Director Neil Caple  

Site Specific to

Croxteth Fire Station

(Photographer  Deana Kay)

Liverpool, Modern Day. Site-specifically responding to the urban landscape of Croxteth Fire Station, an area of Merseyside torn from recent gang violence. Both physically and symbolically, the Fire station’s immune position housed the theatre project for these sparring groups. All the actors and art departments being united members of the community.

Through Olivia’s design the site was transformed into a local town square, arranged with dilapidated shop fronts and market stalls. These housed the rivaling families of Capulet and Montague. Verona was announced on a huge holiday advertisement board.

Part promenade, the site was utilized with constant revelations of new sets; the masked ball situated inside an industrial hanger, and an abandoned Heavy Goods Vehicle as Friar Lawrence’s cell. The Tomb, set in huge crumbling sewage pipes, was illuminated by fire engines, exposing a backdrop of the local cemetery.

Photographer Deana Kay

Photographer Deana Kay