Installation  Film & Exhibition Designer

Produced  by Mark Edward

Homotopia Festival 2012

Camp & Furnace

Performers Mark Edward

& Chris D’bray

(Photographer Luis Santos)

Part of the 2012 Homotopia Arts Festival following the production design of the film ‘Council House Movie Star’.

In collaboration with Performance Artist Mark Edward and his ageing drag queen persona Gale Force. Olivia’s film set was re-constructed as an immersive installation.

Emerging from the bathroom shower block, the audience was invited to watch the original film sitting on toilets surrounded by the surreal decor of a 1970’s disco.

“Designer Olivia du Monceau has created a replica of a run down 70s local authority flat complete with peeling patterned wallpaper, utility furniture, candlewick bedspreads and a toilet straight out of Trainspotting...

...There’s certainly attention to detail inside the flat’s four walls, from the standalone cabinets straight out of my great aunt’s kitchen to kitsch tourist tat picked up on a package holiday to the Costas, and the detritus of a party including, in one corner, the faint smell of vomit and Dettol.”


“The set was designed to illuminate the gritty and glamorous aesthetics of the 1970’s; an era of strong working class women with highly charged personas; with an ability for marking their territory with back street chic. The set is an anchoring of the past taking the viewer into a place surrounded with an array of experiences, meanings and emotions.